Palmer’s Coconut Oil Firming Treatments

“Cellulite” It’s always a never-ending topic of discussion with women, Even the most skinny women who stay in shape have at least some cellulite, and yes, the majority of supermodels have it too โ€“ you usually just donโ€™t see their bumps and dimples once theyโ€™ve been photoshopped out of pictures. Some people undergo laser surgery … More Palmer’s Coconut Oil Firming Treatments

OH So Heavenly – Lavender Infused Collection – Stress-Free & Calming

There’s nothing more calming than the aromatic fragrance of lavender. This pretty, purple plant has powerful benefits. Some studies have shown it’s even an effective treatment for medical conditions dealing with neurological disorders of the nervous system, while others have also shown that lavender essential oil can help with insomnia, hair loss, anxiety & stress, … More OH So Heavenly – Lavender Infused Collection – Stress-Free & Calming