Mary Poppins Returns – Movie Review ๐Ÿ‘’

Growing up Mary Poppins was one of my favorite films and still is! A movie that peps me up even in the gloomiest days a feel-good movie that definitely feels like a spoonful of sugar!

The Mary Poppins is a legendary movie that was way ahead of its time. Keep in mind at the time there was very limited technology compared to now, and what’s amazing is how the movie still manages to blow our minds off by adding special effects & cartoons in the movie flawlessly!

I was super excited when I found out Mary Poppins returns was coming and was counting days to watch this movie. The trailer was so colorful and fun, but was skeptical about the movie wondering how they could do justice to such an evergreen movie and was hoping that the movie should not be a disappointment and above all hoping Emily do justice to Julie’s ever the green role of Mary Poppins!

My family knowing how big of a fan I was of Mary Poppins decided to surprise me on my birthday for a movie night out for Mary Poppins Returns!! I love them!!

Rob Marshall was the director and I knew for sure that after his movie into the woods, he would definitely try to do justice to this movie.

To my pleasant surprise and a happy heart, the Mary Poppins returns was a wonderful follow-up to the original film.

Bathed in nostalgia, โ€œMary Poppins Returnsโ€ is being framed as a homage, Mostly, it is a modest update, one that has brushed off the story, making it, more colorful, fun and full of smiles!. It picks up several decades after the 1964 film โ€œMary Poppinsโ€ โ€” starring the amazing Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

Michael and Jane, the two Banks children at the center of the original tale, have grown up to become a grieving widower (Ben Whishaw) and a union organizer (Emily Mortimer). Michael has three children (the peewees Pixie Davies, Nathanael Saleh, and Joel Dawson).

Mary Poppins returns to the same multistoried house at 17 Cherry Tree Lane. Decades earlier, she had to persuade Mr. Banks to pay attention to his children; now, she has to pull Michael out of his own catastrophic depression due to the loss of his wife so he can tend to his children and save their home from the bank.

The movie was charming and witty with splashes of fun and above all a movie with morals. Julie Andrews is the gold standard but Blunt does her best and justice to the role. Her Poppins is funny, stern, warm, knows more than she lets on, has everything in hand and is utterly charming. Blunt is everything you would want from the character. I was surprised by her vocal performance is as good as it is.

Not to overlook the musical score, It is not quite as memorable as the original but it is solidly singable So while, say, “Can You Imagine That?” is not quite as perfect as “A Spoonful of Sugar” it is a lovely song in its own right. The real standout is “A Cover is not a Book” as it is clever, funny, and carries a lot of weight in the story.

The film is quite technically remarkable. The cinematographer, art director, and costume designer did a great job! I was obsessed with Emily’s costume!

Parents Note: This movie is suitable for age 7+ this is a must watch movie with your family and kids, it’s time we watch movies that teach us valuable life lessons, these are movies that teach children the importance of manners, respect, discipline & family values and for adults it teaches them to appreciate things that truly matter in our lives love & happiness.

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