Valentine Gifts for Anyone! ❤


Awww it’s February, a month of Love, Hearts, and Roses…

Its funny how we pick February to express our love to our partners and loved ones, to me it should be every day for the rest of our lives!. Don’t get me wrong I still get excited when valentines is coming, I guess it’s a female thing where you love receiving gifts and roses, makes you feel special and loved, I mean who doesn’t want to feel special right?

Well this blog post is not just about celebrating valentines day with your boyfriend,
girl friend, hubby or wife, instead there is no limit to expressing your love, in fact you can celebrate this with your family, friends, teachers or a special person that makes you happy
or smile 🙂

I remember how my mom gets excited with valentines day, she always made me a card with a heart and I remember me making these heart shaped crafts for her and she would feel so special and loved. So today I will be sharing some tips on what gifts you can give for anyone else.



Who else better to show your love to than your mom, we all would want to truly show her
how awesome she is, of course, you could head to a store and get her a fancy perfume,
handbag or skincare, but it’s always more special when it’s handmade, shows how much
you value her by putting in your time and effort for her. Trust me she’s going to get all teary and emotional when she receives a handmade gift from you.

Here are some cute craft ideas you can implement for valentines day for mom



Now my dad wasn’t much into valentines, I guess he was old school but he always enjoyed
a valentine themed meal I would arrange at home, it could be your normal lunch or dinner,
just add a little heard shaped into them. For instance, if I was giving rice, I would slice a little beetroot into a heart and place it on top. Or I would cook some red sauce or curries to go with them.

Sisters & Best Friends (Galentine!)


Though Galentines are celebrated on 13th Feb with your Lady friends, I don’t see why we
cant celebrate this on the 14th as well.

Sisters can be a special blessing to you, not just your very own best friend for life, but a
person who shares all your worries, gives you advise and above all cares about you.
(Must not forget all the goodies we can steal from them! Lol) they deserve to be loved as
well, here’s a few girl gifts which would be adorable to give and show your love, these gifts
can be given to your best friends as well.

Stick a red or pink lip balm on this cute “You’re the balm” printable from overstuffed life,
it’s adorable!

Pamper her with some heart shaped bath salts from a cultivatednest

Red nail polish with a cute message is adorable such as the one below.




For kids, It’s a nice gesture to teach them to gift their teachers, they do so much for our kids and deserve a little valentine for themselves, here some cute ideas for DIY crafts you can get your kids involved with and a great way to bond with their teachers.

Kids & their friends


It’s adorable when kids are able to celebrate valentines day too, giving them adorable heart shaped treats would just make their day and they’d feel proud to know how much their
being loved by their mom! These treats would be adorable to gift their classmates as well.

Your colleagues

I remember a particular valentine when I surprised my female colleagues with a heart shaped coin purse and the male colleagues with a heart chocolate, it felt special to see how a small gesture made their day and a great way to bring a smile to their face as they get to work.

Your Neighbours or Relations


Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, we barely have the time to see or meet neighbors and relations, Even so, a simple and thoughtful gift, no matter how small is such a kind gesture to remind others that not only are you there but also that you care.

Try hanging a lovely surprise on your neighbor’s door


Bake them lovely peanut butter cookies, get recipe here


Or if you’re lacking time, gift them a baking cookie set, makes an adorable gift for a homemaker.


So as you can see, valentines do not have to be limited to your spouse or partner, Love can be expressed to anyone and there’s no limit to that.

Spread the love!, Hope you enjoyed these tips.

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