Review: Lancome Juicy Shaker

Lancome juicy shaker


Ever since high school I’ve always been a fan of lip balms of all kinds, I had to always keep my lips moisturized, i had a stack of them, one in my bag, one in the toilet and one in the study table LOL crazy i agree but I was just so addicted to them!

I used to love the little hello kitty ones, baby lips, juice tubes, lip pot from face shop, anything with a cute packaging that caught my eye had to be mine!

Since I’ve grown older though I still am a lip junkie and kind of sobered down with lipsticks as my routine.

My sister travels to Newyork and gets me a Lancome Juicy Shaker (Piece of cake) shade and asked me to try and said that I would love it. And love it I did!!

Keeping Nostalgia and current beauty trends in mind, Lancome has come up with the amazing Juicy shaker which comes with a vibrant oil treatment, inspired by those classic Juicy Tubes and one of the brand’s products from 1946, The Shaker.

The Shaker was a lipstick that featured a martini-shaker-shaped silhouette and you’ll notice that same shape in this new item’s packaging. The lip shaker comes with a nourishing blend of  apricot, cranberry, peach, almond, and rose de muscat oils rise to the top. Take the package and shake it!

Once you open the cap, you’ll find a cushion applicator. Dabbing it onto your lips feels like kissing a teddy bear and leaves your pout infused with a sheer wash of color.
The best parts about Juicy Shaker are the shades and the flavors! There are 20 different tints and each corresponds to its own unique, delicious scent. My personal favorite is ‘Piece of Cake’.
– Soft Innovative Cushion Applicator
– Oil treatment for your lips
– Moisturizes
– Vibrant colour
– Easy application
– Fun to shake! 🙂
– Expensive
Overall I love the product and one of my personal favorite! Not only does it treat your lips but it splashes a vibrantly scented color to your lips! 🙂
This post is not sponsored by Lancome.
Thank you for reading!

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