The Gray Man Review – Netflix

The gray man is Netflix’s latest attempt at a blockbuster action movie, based on Mark Greaney’s 2009 spy thriller novel, It’s been ages since I’ve watched a classic, and quality action movie, The Gray Man fits the bill nicely!

For the Gray Man, directors Anthony and Joe Russo re-team with a few of their Marvel Cinematic Universe Collaborators, including writers Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely, and Captain America himself ‘Chris Evans’!

This movie has a budget of $200 million making it the most expensive Netflix original ever! Also assembling a star-studded cast: Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Rege Jean Page, Billy Bob Thornton, and Dhanush Raja, the storyline was pretty simple just like most spy thriller movies, A skilled CIA operative discovers dark secrets by accident and finds a bounty on his head while assassins chase him.

It is the directorial skills, a star-studded cast, mixed with the right classic, successful combination a good action movie needs, The Gray Man is truly a success!

The best part of the movie was Chris Evans, playing as opposite of Captain America as he can get with his retro mustache look playing a sociopathic contract killer Lloyd Hansen was such a visual treat! You can tell he was having fun playing the bad guy! but still managing to make the bad look good! 

Ryan Gosling was the most beefed-up I’ve seen in his career, and you can tell he’s put in a lot of effort in this movie, epic fight sequence, carrying his serious manner (explained by a back story) flawlessly.

It’s a rare treat to see 2 big stars such as Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans share the screen space, each time Gosling and Evans face off it’s such a visual treat, especially for the ladies!

A surprising touch to the movie was adding South Indian Star Dhanush to the movie, which gave the movie the necessary diversity required, and I must say he did steal the show with his silence and lethal portrayal of his role.

If you wanted more of Ana de Armas in No Time to Die, youโ€™ll be satisfied here. She gets way more screen time than the Bond movie and many moments to kick some ass. The actress also proves that sheโ€™s capable of leading an action film, too. Sheโ€™s on a different side than Evans

Meanwhile, Bridgerton fans will get a chance to see a very different side of Rege-Jean Page in his role as the Group Chief. Put it this way, his character would fit right in as a Bond villain as ruthless as possible.

The Gray Man is a non-stop thrill ride full of jaw-dropping action, intense fight sequences, and funny and 70’s inspired dialogues, with a dream cast highlighted by a deliciously evil Chris Evans as our new favorite villain.

Must watch the movie on the big screen, to get a better feel of the movie and to enjoy the action in the best way possible!

PG – 13

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