West Side Story – Review

When I first read that Steven Spielberg was making his big-screen adaptation of the stage musical “West Side Story” my initial reaction was that a new version was completely unnecessary because the first movie adaptation from 60 years ago couldn’t be improved upon, but this one holds its own.

The stage musical debuted in 1957 on Broadway and has since been performed in countless countries across the world. The movie adaptation from 1961 won 10 Academy Awards including best picture.

74-year-old director-producer Steven Spielberg has the financial resources to create any movie and so why go with a relatively safe remake a widely-regarded classic? 

Spielberg was just 10 years old when his father bought the Broadway cast album of West Side Story. After listening to it repeatedly on the family record player and memorizing every song, it became his “favorite musical”. Having never made a movie musical across his 50-year career, this new adaptation is his chance to refresh the story and impart his love for the material to a new generation. 

Love, at first sight, strikes when young Tony spots Maria at a high school dance in 1957 New York City. Their romance helps to fuel the fire between the warring Jets and Sharks — two rival gangs competing for control of the streets.

I loved this film, it fills me with joy to know that a movie like this can still be made today. To show pure love with such Romeo and Juliet vibes just melts my heart. The movie has everything I love, Vintage, Old School Love, Tough boys, and graceful and vibrant girls! 

This is a musical movie, so if you are not into musicals, this is not going to be of interest to you. But trust me the choreography in this movie will blow your mind! I loved how vibrant Anita’s costume, personality, and choreography were.

This film takes nothing away from the 1961 film as if such a thing could ever be possible, so there should be no reason why fans of that one can’t also love this one. The cast is remarkably talented, and the costumes, sets, and overall look of the piece make this movie an absolute visual treat!

From Teen love, Patriotism, Macho Gang Fights, this movie has it all! Don’t miss this! a must-watch movie for all you romantics out there!

PG – 13

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