Birthday Post – Life Lessons

Each day we make a choice, A choice to opt-in or even out.
For me this year was about opting in…chasing passions and letting go of negativity. That’s the beauty of birthdays, you get to look back on where you came from and also get to push the reset button then move forward.

My birthday has always been an event at home, I’ve been lucky and blessed to have a loving and caring family who has always made my day special and always reminded me how much I am loved and cherished. #grateful

2021 Highlights

A lot has happened these couple of years from the pandemic hitting us hard and within a snap of a finger everything changed, our lifestyle took a turn and we had to learn to adapt to a whole new system from face masks to social distancing. Though initially, this was weird and annoying in the beginning, now flawlessly adapted into our daily life and routine.

On the plus side, many good things took place this year too, I would say for where I am in my life, personally and professionally, I am exactly where I would want to be and have even exceeded my expectations for what I wanted to achieve.

The biggest highlight this year was being a Jury for the World Fashion Festival Awards, This was a stepping stone to my blogging & influencing career, from being World Fashion Festival Awards first “Best Fashion Blogger” to now their “Jury Member ” is something I will always cherish close to my heart.

I also got to be the first Srilankan Blogger/Influencer for the Expo2020 This was a momentous occasion for me, as the first Dubai-born and bred Srilankan Influencer/Blogger covering the opening ceremony of the Srilankan Pavillion among Diplomats and Delegates, to be a part of the parade and the celebration was a memorable occasion.

I was honored to be a part of both worlds. The host country is my birthplace and the Srilankan pavilion shares the roots and culture of my ancestors.

Since I’ve been mostly posting about reviews and fashion, I thought to post something different this time. I’d figured it would be nice to compile a list of some important things that I’ve learned in life and wanted to share them with you, it may help or guide you in making decisions or your perspective on life.

Blogging has always been my passion, ever since I first set my eyes on Michelle Phan’s youtube videos and blog posts along with my other favorite bloggers, I knew to blog was the thing I always wanted to do but unfortunately never had the time to.

Whilst I was busy juggling my corporate life, studies, and marriage it was quite hard for me to achieve or have any other interests let alone design or maintain a blog.

In 2014 circumstances changed, life situations changed and all I can say is that when I look back in time I’m so grateful for where I am in life now.

Life has taught me many lessons giving me clear insights into my life, character, and overall being.

In celebration of my birthday, I would like to share with you
the life experiences that have helped me through life and may help you too.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

1) God, Coffee & Hustle
The 3 best ways to start your mornings!, Prayers are the best way to renew yourself and cleanse your soul just the right thing to face all your challenges for the day.

Coffee, well that speaks for itself. Your brew gives you an energy boost to get through even your worse days!

Hustle, because good things happen to those who hustle, hard work is what leads you to success in life, not luck, not talent. hard work always pays off!

2) Your family is your pillar of strength:
When taking a creative step in life, and leaving back a routine corporate life you will need all the support you can get from your family.

Their love, emotional strength, and motivation will be your driving factor to move forward and achieve your dreams.

People will judge you, criticize you, laugh at your dreams. But your family will always believe in you and will always push you up when you are down.

When in doubt about your life and not sure where you are at. A simple conversation with your mom always does the trick to boost your confidence!

3) Start with a small plan or idea
It could be a hobby or something you’ve always wanted to do in life but never had the opportunity to take it forward, focus on it, and become an expert at it.
By doing this you set reasonable goals, plus you create a path to success which leads to many opportunities you’d never dreamt of! When I started blogging it was a passion,
something I’ve enjoyed doing, I worked hard on this by learning many sets of skills and using my corporate experience to incorporate into my blogging/Influencer life.
This made a world of opportunities open up for me which I’m grateful for.

4) Stay away from negativity and negative people!
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambition, or disrespect you. Walk out of that relationship whether it’s a friend or a colleague. You deserve to be respected and deserve to be treated right. When walking out remember that karma has its ways of giving them what they deserve.

On your way up you will see some friends turn to foes, people you thought cared for you actually envied you and shockingly can’t stand your success, but that’s fine, that’s okay.
Just think of it as shedding your old skin, it is God’s way of showing you its time to get rid of the toxic people in your life and move forward with positivity and people who
love, care and support you.

5) Be Nice and pleasant.
If you want to be successful in life, you must remember that being arrogant and rude won’t take you anywhere. If you want joy in life you need to be kind to people, no matter how
awful you feel, by being kind you bring joy to your life.

I’ve come across many toxic and bitter people in my life, but there’s one thing I realized, these people were never happy with their own lives. I guess the horrible they were the bitter their lives were, and the kinder you are the sweeter your life can be!

6) Remember everything happens for a reason and always for your good in life.
That’s very true! I never believed in this much and every time ignored my mom when she says this. But I’ve come to strongly believe this in my life now and ask you to believe in this too.
Every time something bad happened to me, I’d feel as if I’m the unluckiest person on this planet! and be sad about it for a very long time. But later as time goes by there would always be a sign to help me remember the good in the bad. I’ve analyzed my life and noticed that all bad things lead me to the right path and this path lead to my success.

7) Age is just a number!
Don’t let your age define you. If you want to do 20-year-old stuff at 40, go ahead and do it! don’t let a number stop you! Yes you will have people mock or laugh at you
but hey it’s your life, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way!

Many women hit success after 30, and those women are highly successful celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey, Hillary Clinton, Martha Stewart, J.K Rowling, and the list goes on! So never stop aiming high in life.

8) Drink loads of water!
This may sound silly for life advice, but trust me. There are so many emotional and medical issues that happen just by not drinking enough water. By drinking atleast 8 glasses of water a day it helps you maintain the balance of your body fluids which include digestion, circulation, and transportation of nutrients while maintaining your body temperature.

9) Never underestimate yourself.
Sure there are many size zero drop-dead gorgeous women out there to make you feel insecure enough about yourself. the media world has many ways of making a woman feel insecure by showing us picture-perfect women who are photoshopped and making us believe that that’s how a normal woman should look like but that’s not true.

The world is changing, the definition of beauty is changing, Diversity and Inclusivity are celebrated, women of color are now pushed forward globally, big fashion houses are now choosing plus-sized and colored women to catwalk their clothing.

Remember, you are beautiful and unique in your way, I’m not model looking but I tried not to let that stop me from achieving my dreams, social media can be used not just
to make a woman insecure but also as a great platform to bring awareness about body positivity. Flaunt yourself, pose and take a picture. Just so that the world can see more naturally beautiful women out there who believe in themselves!

10) Don’t waste your time.
I’m not asking you to speed through life, I’m asking you to not waste your time, I realized browsing through my Tiktok and Reels can get me hooked, and I never realized how my time flew and a whole day would be wasted without me realizing this.

I have now limited my time with Tiktoks and Reels, and only use them when posting my content or looking for inspiration.

Remember, time is precious. Spend it wisely, I use my time to connect with my loved ones. I prefer spending time with my hubby or communicating with my family and doing things that inspire and motivate me in life. Learn to be mindful and live in the moment for these are the things that will truly matter in your life.

I hope these life experiences of mine help you in some way, I know they did to me.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without the support, loyalty, and friendship of all my readers and followers. I’ve said it before but it’s the relationships I’ve made along the way – both real and online – that have made it all worthwhile and so enjoyable. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Hope you all have a great start in life and hope 2022 brings you all happiness, positivity, Good Health, and success!

Happy New Year lovelies!

Comment below if you like my post and share with us, a life experience that you learned through life.

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