Sporty Outfit – Shein

A sporty woman is all about having a casual style that looks put together. Looking comfortable and chic, but doesn’t look like your heading to the gym. A sporty outfit wardrobe is perfect for travel because it’s easy to wear, easy to move in, and still stylish.

A sporty classic woman is on the go and needs her clothes to fit into that. She has a lot to do, whether she is working from home, stay-at-home mom, works in a casual environment, a woman with a busy life but wants to be ready for anything but still look great.

The key is not to confuse this with athleisure, which is far more casual, If you want your outfit to say sporty, it’s the details that will tell the story. Look for details that hint at athletics, outdoor activities, and a slightly casual aesthetic.

What I’m loving right now is the Shein Curve bomber jacket with a sporty/athletic detail on the sleeve and collar, this is a slant pocket bomber jacket that has a very sporty vibe to it and must say super comfy. I wear this for movies or when running errands and when in a hurry for a casual meeting while grabbing a coffee on the way!

Check the Bomber Jack Out from SHEIN

Now nothing speaks sporty without some sneakers to the outfit, especially the trending ‘Chunky Sneakers’. Shein has a pretty cool collection of affordable sneakers
These sneakers are a thing right now and come in all the colors. A recent study found that for the first time in over two decades the most popular types of shoes are “sports leisure,” which means nothing to do with performance and everything to do with the look!

Check the Chunky Sneakers Out from SHEIN

Handbag – Your purse should be functional as a crossbody, backpack, or tote, but still stylish and chic in material and color. Here I’m using my very sporty-looking Torque Sling Bag from McLaren.

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