Dubai Modest Fashion Week

Dubai Modest Fashion Weekย will be the 7th edition of global MFW series with 100+ designers and brands, 70+ influencers, global and regional buyers & media.

I’ve been a Modest Fashion follower all my life, and to be a part of this event from 2019 was a wonderful and a memorable experience.

From a Talk show host and Moderator to their VIP Influencer, it is great to collaborate with a brand that has the same purpose and passion as you.

The Modest Fashion Weeks are dedicated to the modest fashion industry with 2 Billion media coverages across the 5 continents and it gathers more than 40 countries, 300+ designers & brands, 500+ influencers, 100+ buyers, and other industry experts.

The traveling concept of Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion spreads out the modest fashion spirit and modest style around the world with Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2016, London Modest Fashion Week 2017, Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017-2019, Jakarta Modest Fashion Week 2018, Amsterdam Modest Fashion Week 2019.

The vision of Modest Fashion Weeks is to create sustainable and global business relations for the modest fashion industry stakeholders that are designers, brands, buyers, media, influencers, and creative talents for the 370 USD Billion worth of modest fashion market size.

The Modest Fashion Weeks event series and the founders of the concepts Ozlem Sahin Ertas from Turkey and Franka Soeria from Indonesia are highlighted as many media outlets including New York Times, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Washington Post, Vogue, Business of Fashion, Elle, Harper’s Baazar.

Modest Fashion is a global style where the clothes are covering the body more. Loose cuts and long cuts are the key style element of modest fashion however hijab is optional. Modest fashion comes with a new proposal of beauty that refuses 1 type of fashion and beauty standards. It stands for inclusivity and welcoming different body types, lifestyles, cultures, and faiths.

Be a part of the Dubai Modest Fashion Week from 18th – 20th November.

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