Friends Reunion – Review

Growing up in the 90s the series Friend’s was one of the best tv shows we had and a crucial part of our lives, I remember watching the series and waiting to discuss the scenes with my friends in school the next day. And also wishing and praying for Ross and Rachel to get back and to get over the bloody ‘break’ lol.

From my teens to my married life, I share the love of Friends with my hubby who’s an equally obsessed fan of friends!

The series is an ongoing part of our lives. After a hard and tiring day, dinner, cleaning, cooking, or at times just running in the background we just had to hear the nostalgic and warm voices of the cast!

What didn’t sit well with me when the show ended was the feeling of emptiness, what do we watch now? A fondful part of our lives was ended, and there was no closure for the fans despite Rachel and Ross getting back together in the last episode.

We had to see them again. Just one more time for old times sake.

And then it happens… Friends Reunion was announced and I can’t even tell you how ecstatic and weirdly nervous I felt hoping and wishing it would meet my expectations.

“The one where they get back together” is a celebration of their journey, experiences, joy, not only for the cast but also for the billions of fans worldwide!

Seeing how the cast has matured and aged, was definitely emotional..

For those of you who haven’t got to watch, here’s a little brief to get you covered.

  • This was not a show, there was no special episode where they act out.
  • It was a show reminiscing their experiences in Friends
  • James Corden was the host, there was a Q/A session near the famous fountain
  • There was a table read session and watching bloopers, they roam the sets and play a trivia together!
  • There were guest appearances by the old supporting star casts. (My favorite was Gunther!)


  • Jennifer and David admitted they were crushing on each other (I mean..we all knew)
  • Guest Appearance by Lady Gaga singing “Smelly Cat” with Lisa was worth it!
  • Malala Yousafzai is a fan of Friends and mentioning her favorite scene was ‘The Routine’ scene of Monica and Ross doing the funny dance!
  • Beckham is a fan of Monica, talking about how he relates to her since he’s a clean freak himself!

Low points:

  • Matthew was very quiet and not the hyper chandler we all knew (could be due to his addiction issues) which made me sad…
  • Fashion Show by Carla Lavigne, Cindy Crawford, and Justin (I felt was a waste of time, instead we could’ve had more of the cast talk about their experience.)

I was hoping to see a whole episode but instead, it was more of a talkshow format.

Watching the cast roam the set, play trivia and seeing them do table reads of pivotal scenes, all the while seeing their younger selves do the original scenes, you can tell that the chemistry was there but the energy was different. And it wasn’t just because everyone looked… different than they did 17 years ago.

It’s a cast that has seen too much, who’s experienced an insane amount of fame in the past quarter century that has changed them in one way or another. Marriages, divorces, kids, tabloids and paparazzi tracking every move, careers that have gone in different directions.

Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, and David Schwimmer seemed very satisfied with how things ended in Friends, though for some reason I feel the pain and sorrow in Jennifer and Matthew’s eyes, you can feel how they missed their past lives in the show.

That being said the reunion did give me the closure I needed and definitely will give you the satisfaction you need as a Friends Fan!

My Rating – 8/10

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