How to style your outfits with Birkenstocks

It’s almost summer in Dubai, you can feel the heat rising and the need to increase our air conditoners and sip into
chilling drinks! Prepping to hang around the pool side and a great time for a pedicure and bust out your sandals!

One of the most trending sandals last year and going strong this year are the Birkenstocks! You will see celebrities and fashion influencers rocking their outfits with their Birkenstock sandals!

The Birkenstock Arizona sandal is one of the brand’s most popular styles. The classic two-strap sandal has risen to cult status over the years, with all ages and genders falling for its classic, comfortable charm.

Praised for their versatility, you can wear Bikenstocks to the beach, walking around town or for shopping!

Here’s a few ways to style your outfit with your Birkenstocks, don’t forget to check out a great collection of Birkenstocks with 25% discount from 6thStreet use discount code – SARAS for 25% Off

  1. Casual Shirt and pants

2. Smart Casual with a Blazer

3. Comfortable white top and Jeans

4. Printed Summer Dress

5. Denim Shorts

I hope these styling tips prep you up for the summer transition! Dont forget to check out the Birkenstocks in 6thStreet!

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SARAS for 25% Off!

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