Pullman Deira City Centre – Weekend Staycay

Hospitality, Quality Service, Great Food, Great Vibe, Genuine Care, and Safety. These are just a few words to sum up Pullman’s aim and core values.

Pullman made us feel like Home. And very few brands can achieve that, the true team efforts, hard work, and passion for the brand is what makes Pullman special.

They have an amazing spa for the best deep tissue massage and a great gym with state of the art equipment. The restaurant Medley serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with great Continental, Asian & Lebanese cuisine.

We enjoyed the IPL LEAGUE themed dinner and drinks at La Fabrique. The food and mocktails were great!

The Azzure Pool lounge had a great and well-maintained pool with a variety of refreshing drinks to choose from! Perfect for an Instagram moment!

We felt very confident in the way they prioritized and took precautionary measures to keep things clean and sanitized which for me is very crucial during this period. Their room, amenities including their pens were sealed and sanitized, which made us feel very confident and comfortable during our stay.

We enjoyed our stay with Pullman a truly unforgettable experience, can’t wait to come for more of Pullman’s signature hospitality.

Thank you Pullman for allowing us to explore the best of Pullman’s signature hospitality and for the much-needed spa treatments. A great boost for the upcoming weeks.

If you’re looking for a great, relaxing, and 5-star experience don’t forget to check out Pullman Deira City Centre

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