Modest Catwalk – Summer Specials

Modest Catwalk is the most fashionable fashion experience that offers rich modest styles around the globe to the modest fashion lovers. Our main values are ”Sharing, Product Transparency and Inspiring” The platform is also known as the marketplace of global Modest Fashion Weeks.

This is my Go-to Online site for Stylish Modest Fashion Looks.

Here are my picks for this month.


I’m loving this summery mustard cotton dress, so flawless, comfortable, and modest! Bright and Vibrant just the perfect summer look!

Click here


The same dress in Turquoise, great to have them in different colors, I love this color to pair with my denim jacket, icy blue coolness!

Click here

kayra – pink jacket

The feminine and floral printed jacket is such a soft and pastel look, I’m obsessed with printed blazers these days, and I think this would make a perfect statement jacket.

Click here


The suit reflects glam & elegance with its fabric; The pearl and stone detail on the collar draws the sparkles on you. You can combine your suit, with stiletto shoes and silk scarves.

Click here

Elegant Casual Suit

This is ideal to wear for your workplace when looking for a modest yet unique style. Comfy, yet stylish.

Click here

Sporty and casual

Though this may look quite plain, I suggest you don’t underestimate this outfit, especially if you layer with a bomber or denim jacket on your shoulders. This has a sporty and comfy look

Click here

Nude/Pastel Suit

I love this style, its a crossover between an ethnic Kurti and a suit, it’s classy and beautiful to wear for a glam event, it’s just so beautiful!

Click here

Red and white polka skirt

I love this skirt, its gives a very 50’s vintage vibe! summery retro look, you can pair this with a white blouse or t-shirt.

Click here

RED CAP – Trench Coat

The cap collection are special pieces that you can combine with trousers, they’re elegant and stylish. The ruffle detail on the shoulders gives a very feminine touch to a trench coat.

Click here

KHAKI CAP – Trench Coat

The Khaki trench coat makes an ideal sporty look paired with trousers that can also give off quite a classy summer look!

Click here

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