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Lets Talk Girl Talk! And Female Hygiene!

An essential part of my daily personal hygiene is the use of a panty liner. It is similar to a pad but just not as thick or absorbent. Thinner than pads, a panty liner can be an everyday savior for women who need that all-day fresh feeling down there.

Think about your morning routine. Do you shower, and use an intimate wash? It covers all the feel-good, look-good bases right? Adding daily pantyliners to the mix keeps that just stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling going even longer.

Liners make you feel more put-together – the same way makeup does! They give you a fresh feeling – like what you feel after you have brushed your teeth and help you feel prepared for anything!

They also give you a layer of invisible comfort and panty protection, they can also help you put your best foot forward and the confidence to be more active in life without the fear of staining your favorite underwear.

Ever since my first period, I’ve always used liners, And the only brand I ever trusted for liners especially for their quality was Carefree, they were breathable with pure cotton extracts and comfortable for sensitive skin.

Because I was a very athletic girl in school and always running around I had always stocked liners at home and kept emergency liners in my bag they made me feel very confident and above all clean!

7 Reasons to wear pantyliners daily.

  1. Provides Freshness – They’re comfortable and keep you feeling clean & fresh all day.
  2. Keeps you Dry – We’ve all heard it before: being moist down there is completely natural but should always be kept dry.
  3. Saves you before and after your period – We’ve all had experienced an embarrassing leak, you can avoid this by wearing a pantyliner a few days before and after your period.
  4. Keeps panties protected from discharge – In the middle of your cycle, you’re likely to get discharge which is natural, liners help protect your underwear from this.
  5. Protects against the post-partum flow – Many new moms experience post-partum flow for a few weeks soon after giving birth – liners help cover any sudden leaks.
  6. Covers bladder leaks – Women with sensitive bladders can experience leaks, liners have got your back on this!
  7. Absorbs Sweat – Liners take away your sweat, especially during workouts and summer, liners give you back the freshness, keeps you dry, and above all keep you comfortable.

Carefree believes that every woman is unique and by embracing your femininity, you can feel more confident about yourself.

At Carefree ‘ every day is a Pink Day’ and this is what Pink means to them.

Pink represents friendship, kindness, and respect. Pink is Confident, Courageous, and Carefree! and it’s unapologetically feminine! Because by being Pink – there is no limit to how smart, strong, and happy you can be!

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