Glam Sequin Sweatshirt Dress

I’ve always loved a good sweatshirt, especially for movie nights since it can get a bit chilly in the cinemas, or sometimes I just want to cozy up to a comfortable sweatshirt if it’s cold outside or if I’m just plain lazy. If you’re wondering how something as plain and boring as a sweatshirt can add any glamour to your wardrobe? Not to worry as always Shein has the best outfit for any season, even for the curvy girls!

You can be cozy and comfortable without letting the weather cramp your style this festive season!

This comfortable sequin sweatshirt dress is versatile, its sporty, glam and above all comfortable! the sequins details add the perfect glam to the dress, I styled this with crop pants and sneakers, there’s just so much you can do with this outfit, what’s best is since it’s not bulky or woolen you can even wear this for summer which makes it perfect for me. Since Dubai is more of summer than winter!

Check this out at

Glam Sequin Sweatshirt Dress – Search ID: 833731

Use the coupon code to enjoy shopping: sarQ4

It is Extra 15% OFF any purchase. (valid till 31st March 2020)

Perfect for the Festive Season!

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