Zebra Stripe Poncho Parisian Style

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Fall and Winter are poncho time! We all love a good cozy and fuzzy poncho, and the best part Is these days ponchos are very fashionable, you can even see popular brands showcasing poncho trends on the runway!

I love them because they are easy to wear they come in so many different styles and trendy winter colors and patterns and most importantly they keep me warm!.

These days the importance of knowing how to style your outfits is very crucial. itโ€™s important to look chic, staying warm and comfortable.

Since it’s still not freezing winter where we have to wear our puffer jackets, the poncho helps to easily remove them whenever we want to.

The Shein asymmetrical poncho is the most stylish poncho you can get! I’m in love with the zebra stripes! Style it with some big shades and a classy beret for a Parisian chic poncho outfit!

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Zebra Stripe Poncho โ€“ Search ID: 832568

Flat Top Shield Sunglass โ€“ Search ID: 805500

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