Neon Pink Transparent Hand Bag

There’s a growing trend of Micro bags in the fashion world, from celebrities and popular fashion influencers you see everyone having one. I, on the other hand, was never a fan of micro bags, to me its the most unpractical bag you could have, only able to fit a tic-tac or a single air pod.

Being a fashion blogger we are constantly under pressure to be on trend so that we can influence our followers, but I make sure I don’t fall for this trap and ensure I promote products that I personally believe in or like and this it’s worthy for my followers to purchase.

As always browsing through the Shein site, I come across this funky almost transparent handbag that read in French ” un voyage au pays des Merveilles” translates A trip to wonderland” which was just perfect for my fashion week outfit, the bag seems like a micro bag at first, which made me skeptical to purchase the bag, I mean I love pink and love the print so I decided to take the risk and order the bag.

To my delight the bag was perfect, thankfully it was NOT a micro bag, you can easily fit your mobile phone and wallet and much more. The bag is small not your typical handbag-sized bag, it’s between a clutch and a handbag, makes it pretty decent to carry around and adds as a perfect accessory for your street style fashion outfits.

The bag may seem plasticy for a few, but it’s a cute bag to own! these would also be perfect for tweens to teens as well.


Check these SHEIN accessories at

Pink Print Bag – Search ID: 785327

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It is Extra 15% OFF any purchase. (valid till 31st Dec)

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