Why you should follow ME on Instagram?

follow me on instagram!

There are many positive reasons to follow me on Instagram, Firstly I’m an award-winning blogger, winning the “Best Fashion Blogger 2019” By the World Fashion Festival. And I often post content on Instagram covering topics on Lifestyle, Beauty, and Fashion.

My main highlights are Body Positivity, Diversity & Modest Fashion.

My Instagram is a Visual board of my current interests, and what I’m reviewing!

Above all, you get to view my Insta-magazine for Free!!

This magazine is featured as an Instagram Story Magazine, which is featured every month!


How the LWS Magazine Works? Just 2 simple steps!

1. Click on my highlight ‘LWS Magazine’

2.  Keep Clicking Next to view the whole magazine


What Else is covered on my Instagram?

In terms of Fashion, I showcase Body Positive and Modest Fashion outfits and feature Fashion Designers that support this. From Photoshoots featuring Brands and Couture Outfits! I am also a big classic Fan, I love everything retro and classic and try to incorporate this on my feed.

As a Lifestyle Blogger, I cover a lot of topics from popular Cafes/Restaurants/Events and above all feature Movie Premieres that I get invited to! You get to see the behind the scenes of most movie premieres showcasing here in Dubai! I also cover popular events, whether it’s from La Perle (Cirque De Soleil performance), Dubai Opera or Concerts!

On my Instagram, you can see me showcasing my current skincare regime, brands and my true opinions about them. Fortunately, lot of Skincare brands tend to collaborate with me and this gives me an opportunity to review them and give you my opinions about them, which makes it helps you decide whether buying the product is worth it.

Above all this, I would like to connect with you, get to know you better and build a community of like-minded grammers!!


So what are you waiting for? Let’s connect! Follow me HERE


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