Summer Romantic – Blush Polka Dot Tea Dress

summer romantic

I love being feminine, I’ve changed from being a tomboy during my teens transitioning to a more feminine self after marriage. What I’ve always loved though are dresses, flowy girly dresses, there’s always something so beautiful about a woman wearing a dress. I’m not too sure what it is, it makes almost anyone look beautiful, cheerful, happy and above all romantic.

The color I’ve always loved is Blush, it’s a beautiful shade that compliments any complexion, it’s a very classy and elegant color that would add class to any style.

There was this cute dress I came across in SHEIN, its called a polka dot tea dress! it’s super feminine, flowy, classic and romantic!ย  What better than try to make this soaring heat all about romance, though that’s the last thing your thinking, I like going out early mornings between 7am to 10am, the heat is bearable, and evenings from 4-6pm.

You can now get this Polka Dot Tea Dress at SHEIN!

This dress would be perfect for date mornings, girls catching up or catching up with some nice iced teas and chilled coffees at your favorite cafe! mmm… I’m craving for some chilled peached flavor iced tea now!

You can now get this Polka Dot Tea Dress at SHEIN!

Search ID: 742075

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