Fruity & Cheerful Summer Fashion

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Elves

Have you ever tried playing mix and match or pair outfits that are not meant to go together? It’s actually fun when you can experiment with what you have and come up with a completely different outfit!

Sometimes its the unusual ones that are worth experimenting with, for instance, I got this casual denim top, which is such a summery casual top which you’d usually wear with your skinny jeans or tights, but instead I tried to experiment the outfit by pairing with a completely classy red lace skirt, which is more of a formal wear. And wow did the combo work!

Both these items had their own characteristics, but when pairing them to one, it was the perfect summer outfit! fresh and colorful and above all super comfy!

To add a bit of fun element to the outfit, I chose a super cute fruity bag by Splash! it was the perfect casual bag to carry all summer! And added some red pumps to brighten the whole look!


Let me know what you think of the outfit? Do you experiment as well? comment below on your outfit experiments!

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