Announcement! I WON 🏆 – Best Fashion Blogger 2019 – World Fashion Festival ðŸŒŽ



This is such a dream come true!!! To be awarded by such a prestigious event that recognized my work and cause by the World Fashion Festival committee and Jury. This is what matters to me the level of diversity and recognition globally. Thank you! World Fashion Festival for making my dream come true!

I’ve been working very hard for the last 4 years, growing in a fashion field as a woman of color and promoting body positivity was not easy. There were many challenges I had to face, with no support from anyone I moved forward. I worked solo, and never wasted a minute of my time and worked my way.
I did everything different from other social media professionals some really underestimated me and went through challenges in my blogger journey. But today I proved them wrong!

Don’t follow what everyone else is doing or what’s in trend. Follow your heart in every step of your life and be genuine in your work and let your work speak for itself. That is my advise to all of you.

As a Srilankan national but born and bred in Dubai, it wasn’t easy for me to grow in a community as a minor national. But I did and I’m grateful to Dubai for giving me the opportunity to prove myself and giving way for other nationalities to grow, Dubai is a diverse city housing many nationalities in peace and harmony.

I was awarded for my uniqueness, my high-quality work and content, my experience and above all my passion to promote body positivity and diversity globally in my platforms.

Thank you, World Fashion Festival committee for recognizing my work and experience and making me apart of the fashion world.

Thank you to my loving family and husband who has believed in me when no one else has I love u guys and will forever be grateful!

Above all, a big thank you to all my followers who stayed by me and believed in me and encouraged me to move forward. Love you all and will continue giving you the best.

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