Himalaya Body Lotion – Review

I’ve always been a body lotion addict, in fact, I can’t get to bed without applying body lotion on my skin since I just hate the feeling of dehydrated skin. I keep these lotions next to my bed stand so I don’t forget to apply them on my arms and legs before sleeping!

Many of the commercial products are chemical based. They contain synthetic oils and other chemicals that are unnatural and may exacerbate skin dryness and other conditions instead of helping to improve them.

Since I’ve received Himalaya skin lotions I just can’t get enough of them. I’m super impressed with the products, I replaced my lotions with Himalaya Green Tea and Aloe & Saffron body lotion.

Saffron Healthy Even Tone body lotion

Moisturizes your skin leaving it not only soft but also visibly even-toned, glowing and radiant! It’s perfect for uneven skin tone, which I usually get when I’m out an about exposed to the sun!

Green Tea & Aloe Refreshing Body Lotion.

This is definitely the most refreshing body lotion I’ve come across, you can feel the instant hydration, this is a fast absorbing lotion that nourishes, moisturizes and protects your skin against dryness. It’s a light lotion with aloe vera and green tea which makes it a perfect combination for a refreshing lotion

Both these lotions are made of plant ceramics providing 5 benefits to your skin.

1. Helps condition your skin
2. Helps moisturize skin
3. Reduces moisture loss
4. Helps keep skin soft & smooth
5. Helps make skin look firmer.

So as you can see from my review above I’m loving these products and if you are a lotion addict like me then these products are definitely worth purchasing.

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