What does Love mean to you? โค๏ธ

Copy of Copy of Copy of My Turkey Modest Fashion Outfits

February is always considered a month of Love since valentines day falls in this month, you literally see love in the air you see decors in red, you see boutiques showcase all their red collections, cosmetics featuring their red lipsticks, red handbags, red shoes, red everything!

As a kid, I used to always look forward to Valentines Day, from our school projects of making heart-shaped cards for our mom’s telling them how much we loved them, from checking out cute teddy bears and cards to give your friends etc this was always fun to do! The heart-shaped love candies were quite popular for valentines in the 90s! I remember the most heart-shaped candies from friends made us feel extra special!

My mom is a die-hard romantic, and so is my sister and that kinda added the whole Valentine craze at home, though dad wasn’t a big fan he would just let us have our moment as long as we were happy.

So what was love for me? It was just a fantasy I was so engrossed in due to the high success rates of romantic Hollywood and Bollywood movies!

From Titanic to Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge, love was this fantasy and yearning for that right Jack/Raj to step into your life!

And then when I was 18, I met hubby online through a chatroom and then continued our friendship through yahoo messenger (Popular in the ’90s) It was then I realized what true love meant, it wasn’t a guy galloping in a horse to you or a guy having a Zorro sword fight, but a guy who was committed, dedicated and sensitive to your needs, and this was something I truly fell in love with and realized was an ideal man he was for me.

And then 4 years down the line we got married! He was and still is my soul mate, we just like any other couple get on each other’s nerves, but we never forget what made us fall in love and always learn to compromise for each other.

See true love is very simple, it’s not complicated it all starts with respect for each other, that’s the foundation of a relationship. Even if it’s not your spouse, if it’s your family, your friend or your colleague, there is love in many forms and doesn’t have to necessarily be a romantic one.

The most important love of all is to love yourself first, be kind and good to yourself only then can you spread love to others around you. And by doing this you are taking part in making this world a better place and a bearable place to live in, not just for you
but your kids.

Stop Hating on people, Stop jealousy, Stop Racism, Stop Gossiping. Once you gradually stop these negative qualities you will start realizing how much love you have inside you and how much it benefits to your own health and wellness.

So take the first positive steps of loving, keep it basic, respect one another and love yourself!

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