Glam Date Look – Valentine Special ❤️

Copy of Copy of Copy of My Turkey Modest Fashion Outfits

So for Valentine look 3, I’m going for a Glam date look. This would be ideal for a date night, a movie date or a casual glam date look!

I love this piece from Splash, an animal printed oversized sweatshirt with long sleeves adds such a wild look to your outfit! this can be paired with black pants, a skirt, leggings or jeans.

Animal prints have been on a constant trend in the fashion world, making this a must-have wardrobe piece!

This sweatshirt is amazingly comfortable, making it perfect for movie nights! I paired it with a lovely tussled earring, adding more oomph to the look! Cute with heels or sneakers as well!

I love Splash variety of creative and unique bags and clutches, especially this unique piece is a little-perfumed shape box, reminding me of the Channel boxed bag, this is a must have to add a creative touch to your outfit, especially for valentines!


This look is perfect for day or night, it’s comfortable and if paired right can add such a glam look for your outfit!

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