Winterize your skincare routine. ❄


I can feel the temperature dropping down outside, though it’s not yet freezing cold, the weather is enough to drop your skin’s moisture levels. Winter brings an entire set of new challenges to our skin, so as the weather gets cooler it would be a smart move to switch your skin routine as well. Falling temperatures and lower air humidity can affect our skin, leaving it vulnerable to dehydration and sensitivity.

Luckily it’s never too late to winter-proof your skin care routine and here are a few ways to start:

Switch your cleanser
Your foaming cleansers might be great for summer, where sweat and sebum was an issue to address to. But during winter when things are drier its worth to switch your cleanser to a  creamier version which can be rich yet soothing and gentle on your dry skin.

Cleansers I recommend are:

Double Moisture
If your skin’s on the dry side, it’s worth investing or trading our creams, lotions, and gels for something creamier. Look for creams with barrier repairing ceramides and fatty acids which help with preventing water loss for your skin.

If you have oily skin,  consider yourself lucky this season. You can get away with applying a thick layer of moisturizing gel in winter. Remember hydration is the key to optimizing the glow and texture of your skin.

Moisturizer creams I recommend are:

Try using oils instead
Now there’s nothing more useful than trying to use facial oils this season, a couple of drops of oil into your creams and cleansers can help lock in the moisture.

Oils I recommend are:



Dry skin isn’t very efficient with shedding its dead cells, gentle scrubbing will actually help your lotions and creams to work better.

Switch to a gentle moisturizing exfoliant it helps to keep dullness away and tackle uneven pigmentation during the winter months. The best time

To exfoliate your skin is at night, as your skin does not have to deal with UV rays afterward, this you can follow up with a layer of serum or moisturizer.

Scrubs I recommend are:

Good Ol’ Vaseline


Yes, I know despite all the happening and perfect lotions and creams out there, there’s nothing vaseline can’t cure this season, from helping your dry lips to your hands and feet, this is a cure for everything.

Here’s a post on all the benefits using vaseline, definitely worth to add to your winter regime.

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