Tweed Blazer – Winter Fashion 🧥

copy of unicorn vibe sweatshirt

Im loving how Tweed jackets look so sophisticated and versatile, the tweed trend is mostly used by high-end fashion designers such as Chanel and Dior. Tweed has been always remained very fashionable and stylish in the fashion industry, especially for winters.

You can accessories the outfit with boots, scarfs etc .. and what’s great about tweed blazers are that it can provide you a rugged yet a refined look. You can add layers to a tweed jacket by adding a cozy turtleneck or a sweater this helps complete the look. You can pair it with black tights or dark faded skinny jeans along with black suede or leather ankle boots. This outfit’s a no-brainer for the winter season!

I’m in love with tweed jackets because they are so versatile and have endless styling possibilities for both smart and casual outfits.  If your looking for a Parisian look I’d suggest you wear a matching beret this gives such a Parisian look to any outfit!

Since Shein has almost every outfit or style under the sun I was lucky enough to find the perfect tweed blazer. It’s so comforting to find blazers that fit!

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Frayed Trim Zip Up Tweed Coat – Search ID: 616175

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