Unicorn Vibe Sweatshirt – Birthday Special 🦄

Unicorn Vibe SweatshirtBirthdays make you feel special and loved, especially when surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers, you realize how lucky you are and how grateful you should be in your life. I had an amazing birthday with family a great way to end 2018 with a bang! from amazing gifts, homecooked food and a memorable family movie night watching my childhood favorite movie Mary Poppins! It was a lovely surprise! and it definitely made my day!

This birthday I decided to be a unicorn! that’s right! you read it right! It may sound silly but I must say I got a lot of compliments from family and friends on how adorable I looked! and its all thanks to Shein for the birthday special top! thank you! Its pink and its got unicorn vibes, it’s just perfect!

This is the most cutest sweatshirt I’ve come across, and makes it perfect for winter!
Its cute, glam with the sequins and faux fur details! makes it perfect for day or night! and above all very cozy and comfy! just perfect for a winter unicorn-themed birthday!

Most girls don’t remember when they actually started loving unicorns, it’s hard since it takes you back to your childhood and remembering things from your childhood can be foggy at times. My passion for ponies and unicorns traces back from the days of me playing with My Little Ponies! Have you ever had a My little pony? weren’t they just adorable?

So I decided to end 2018 in a positive and magical note, I decided to be a unicorn! LOL and kick start 2019 with all the magic and positivity possible!

You can purchase this from their website here

Contrast Faux Fur And Sequin Pullover – Search ID: 624035

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A few highlights from my birthday:

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