Embroidered Bishop Sleeve Cardigan ⚜️

Embroidered Bishop Sleeve Cardigan

Layering my clothes, it is the perfect thing to do for winter time. You can layer long sleeved tops or sweaters with cardigans or jackets to give them more of a cozy look that also keeps you warm and classy.

I love embroidery or embroidery motifs on cardigan sleeves adds such an elegance to the plain cardigan, you can wear it to formal occasions or dress down and wear a plain tee underneath.

I came across this perfect embroidery cardigan with bishop sleeves, which I knew I need to have for the month’s look-book.

This embroidered cardigan adds dimension to your look and helps give you a very refined and modest look.

What I also like about this is the cardigan, is that it’s not woolen which makes it perfect to use for all seasons.

How to style this?

Casual Style

Pair a basic tee under your embroidered cardigan in a color of the embroidery or a neutral color. Or wear it with a plain casual dress, or even wear denim jeans and finish off your look with boots.

Glam Up

Wear a black tee or blouse underneath, wear with formal black pants and black heels pair with a classy clutch and a red or maroon lipstick. Perfect for formal occasions.

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