Sporty Travel Jacket 🧥


December is a month in Dubai, you will see most people traveling for holidays. Especially for Christmas. A lovely cold month to experience the winter wonderland in some countries. During this month packing can be daunting, it can be a nuisance when your packing, especially for an uncertain weather, will it rain? will it snow? will it be windy? all these questions ponder your mind, It’s crucial to carry a proper travel jacket atleast to help you through unexpected weather.

Even if you’re not worried about the weather its always good to have a functional jacket especially with pockets, don’t ever underestimate the use of pockets in a jacket, they are so useful especially to store your travel tickets, passports, earphones or even in extreme situations a sanitary napkin so you don’t have to carry a big heavy bag with you where ever you go.

Shein has this perfect mixed media zip-up jacket. This jacket is something between a bomber jacket and a puffer jacket. Makes it a perfect travel jacket.

Mixed Media Jacket – Search ID: 572421


Use unique coupon code – BF181032


This special code is valid from 1st Nov to 23rd Dec.



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