50s Fashion Inspiration – Retro Polka Dot Dress ๐Ÿฅค

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Retro fashion has always inspired me, the colorful outfits well-done hair and their vibrant smiles! everything seemed so lively back then!

There are many ways to go about dressing in a vintage style โ€“ from absolute authenticity to a hint of retro charm. You can decide what suits your style and budget. Do it your own unique way, take inspiration from classic movies, posters or even classic celebrities fashion sense, this gives you a good guideline on what kind of retro look you would want to opt for.

I Love Polka dots, I recently came across some pictures of a model wearing a red and white polka dress and was at the diners sipping a classic soda pop drink or maybe
a milkshake with this vibrant red lipstick! everything was so picture perfect and above all so much fun!

Polka dots are one of the trendiest prints ever irrespective of season and time. These have been dominating the fashion world since the 1950s. The retro appeal associated with it makes it special. Not just the vintage vibe, polka dots can be channeled to get a fashion-forward look as well. I have often seen girls feeling hesitated about wearing it.

This time for my lookbook I decided to go retro, 50’s look to be precise.

Shein had the perfect Retro Polka Dot Surplice Dress!

Retro Polka Dot Surplice Dress – Search ID: 593831


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