Reel Dine-In Cinema Experience 📽️


We were given the opportunity to experience the Reel Cinema dine-in cinema experience, along with the opportunity to try out Guy Fieri’s restaurant. I have always been a big fan Guy Fieri, never easily missed a show of his on food network! And to now actually, have an opportunity to taste all his food is a dream come true!

Picture this – the lights are dimming, the trailers are just about to start, your seat is comfortable, and instead of the usual fare of popcorn, hot dogs and a soft drink, you’re about to bite into a juicy patty of premium Angus beef on a seasoned brioche bun, crunchy home-style fries and an ice cold beverage from the bar…now that’s how you’re meant to watch a movie.

We were served soft drinks of our choice, and the main dish was the crispy chicken tenders, they were crispy coated and juicy from within with perfect fries! and Hubby enjoyed the popular and their signature nachos “Trash Can Nachos” loaded with beef! made it the perfect man nacho ever!

The Guy Fieri restaurant had the perfect Texan vibe, from the decors to the upholstery you could sense the guy fieri signature style all over. The staff were very courteous and friendly and were very patient with us when placing our order.

We started off with the Lobster Sticks, that’s right lobsters in a stick! how fancy is this! Crunchy coated lobsters with assorted dipping sauces made it the perfect appetizer!

We then had refreshing frozen mocktails that were a cusp of a slushie and a mocktail drink loved the berry flavors! quite refreshing!

And then the main course, I had the pleasure of having the 18hr Barbeque Brisket and the Newyork Steak, calling all meat lovers in Dubai! this is the place to enjoy meaty goodness!!

The food was hearty and delicious it definitely had the Guy Fieri signature touch to all, if you are a true foodie and would love to enjoy succulent meaty dishes this is the place to visit!


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