A la Mode – Parisian Cape Jacket 🗼

A la mode Cape Jacket

The weather seems to be getting pleasant in Dubai, the transition from Summer to Winter is always something I look forward to. December is coming, looking forward to the festive season, and above all on how chilly cold it would be for us in Dubai!

With a lot of people looking forward to their winter holidays, I hear a lot of them planning to spend their Xmas with their families, and some want to experience the winter wonderland in Europe! Talking about winter wonderland I have recently come across with a perfect outfit, that’s not just perfect for winter but add such class and grace to your wardrobe.

The belted Cape From Shein gives such old Hollywood glamour, I’ve seen legendary fashion icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wear cape jackets with such class. For someone who loves the classic look, this was just perfect!

What I loved most was the Parisian vibe this cape jacket was giving with this lovely beret I got from Shein! Anything with a beret is always a la mode!


Don’t Miss the SHEIN BLACK FRIDAY on 23rd November!

Beret Cap – Search ID: 557344

Belted Cape Jacket – Search ID: 579081

Use unique coupon code – BF181032


This special code is valid from 1st Nov to 23rd Dec.


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