Gold Collagen Drink Review 👩

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​​Two months back I had received this package from Gold Collagen. It made me curious and excited to try it out, there was so much I heard about liquid collagen.

An award-winning beauty liquid collagen supplement that can be taken as a drink! Since I hate pills this was quite a relief to try! So I put it to test for 2 months before I decide to review the product.


What is a Gold Collagen about?
GOLD COLLAGEN liquid beauty supplements contain vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and the normal function of cartilage and skin. Zinc which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair, and nails, The protein in this collagen contributes to the growth or maintenance of muscle mass.

Can anyone use Gold Collagen? Is there an age limit?
GOLD COLLAGEN nutritional liquid beauty supplements are designed mainly for adults who are concerned with signs of aging on their skin and who wish to promote healthy and beautiful looking skin, hair and nails or who wish to counteract the visible signs of aging.

So what makes Gold Collagen different from any other anti-aging cream?
GOLD COLLAGEN stimulates the cells responsible for the body’s own natural production of collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid.  It is able to work in the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) and all over the body, whereas creams act on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) only

Are these safe and halal?
Yes. They have a certificate from the Islamic and Cultural Centre certifying that the fish-extracted hydrolyzed collagen used in our GOLD COLLAGEN products is halal.

What does the product taste like?
It tastes like a berry drink, have you tried cranberry juice? it’s a similar taste.


My verdict for the product:
At first, I was skeptical and wasn’t sure how this product would work. I didn’t have major signs or aging or wrinkles but yes a bit of maintenance especially when exposed
to harsh heat during shoots can do significant damage to your skin, and thus expedite the whole aging process. I was told that I would require to use the whole course and had put it to test before I decided to review the product.

First, can I just say how I love the taste of the drink! maybe it’s just me or maybe its the fact that I love berry drinks! it’s even more refreshing when you refrigerate these drinks.
I used this drink first thing in the morning after breakfast and for a week I could notice my skin glow. I’ve been getting compliments that week from family and friends that they’ve been noticing a difference in my skin.

Now for me, this was a very good sign!! As days went by I noticed a reduction in my hair fall, Due to PCOS I had severe hair fall, and though it has not stopped I could see that it had significantly reduced. And my nails seemed stronger, during a trip to my salon my manicurist mentioned my nails were really healthy and strong. (Now I’m not sure if she says this to everyone she sees LOL) but I personally did notice a change in my nails they seemed much stronger.

The other strange thing I noticed was my energy level. I know this collagen drink may have nothing to do with it, but for some reason, I was feeling more active than usual, and all these positive effects from this little drink made me look forward to having it every morning!

I suggest all 30+ women should get this, not because I’m advertising this because of the actual true benefits this drink has given me! A little magical potion of youth!


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