My journey as an Influencer. 🌼

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Wow…I just can’t believe it..I’ve officially hit 30K Instagram followers! it gives me immense joy to see the amount of love and support I have received over the years. At times I feel I waited too long to start pursuing my passion, but then I always believe God has it all planned and knows what’s best for us, and knows when’s the best time to pursue our passion and in my case 30’s seem to be that time!


Ever since 18 I’ve been working with a well-known organization and gained a lot of exposure to the corporate world, learning to deal with different cultures and people was all enrichening to my career profile, whilst I was working, studying and loving my job I also realized how trapped I was in terms of creativity and being myself. As a child, I was always known to be creative, outgoing and full of life but when you’re at the corporate world circumstances change you, toxic environment and people change you.


I’ve always been a big fan of Michelle Phan the true pioneer as a beauty blogger Michelle enchanted me with every video she posted from her beauty looks to her tutorials she was a beauty wizard to me! And not to forget my passion for food and everything relating to home decors and gardening Martha Stewart was my Inspiration.

And above all I’ve always been influenced by my sister’s fashion sense, she was a true diva with the right knowledge of fashion she even knew the history behind every fashion designer, this influenced me as a kid, even though I never realized it, it was subconsciously in my mind.


When I realized working for 10 plus years with no clear indication to where my future was taking me, I thought enough was enough I cant stay brain dead for long and need to awaken my inner self my true self and my true calling. When I quit, I decided to go soul searching and ask myself what was it I really wanted? Its a question I never asked myself or brush it off since I never knew what the answer would be.


This time, closing the doors to my past, my career, the corporate world. I was able to think clearly, think deeply and understand what I really wanted. It was to influence people in a positive manner, share information, make women feel good about themselves. And so it was born “Lifestyle with Sarah” a blog I built from scratch, having e-commerce and e-branding experience I was able to build my castle, brick by brick or lets say pixel to pixel from designing , planning and creating content there was a lot of hard work and sleepless days and nights put into this blog, a blog I’m so proud of which took a lot of courage and patience, a blog that made me an influencer today.

Moving forward 4 years of social media has taught me a lot, I’ve learned a lot from mistakes I’ve done, but I can proudly say that’s what made me who I am today. I am standing strong because of the support of my family and the constant positivity and love from my husband.


Hopefully, I’ve reached someone with this post. If you think someone you know needs to hear this message, share it with them. Encourage all of those around you to pursue their dream and that nothing is impossible even if you’re at your 30s or 40s.

What are you passionate about and what’s stopping you from moving forward? Comment down below and let’s talk about it!

Thank you, everyone, for being apart of my journey of lifestyle, body positivity and above all equality in women and all races!. Love you all!

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