Statement Bell Sleeve Blazer 🔔

Traveling in London

Hi there Lovelies! I’m back with another outfit post! and this time its Bell Sleeves.

Bell sleeves might be one of my favorite trends at the moment. They make quite a statement piece and I’m loving the fun, free spirit vibe they give and love how they can be dressed up or down for date night, girls night or any night!

This white bell sleeved blazer is flowy, which compliments any figure, plus this blazer is very classy when paired with a black top and black skinny jeans.

Tip – to add some oomph to the outfit, I decided to go for a winged liner and red lipstick with a classic vintage looking handbag.

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Fun fact!

The bell sleeve was popularised by the chic, cake eating dainty ladies of France sometime in the 1500s. the fashion soon made its way to London, who realized that they could easily use bell sleeves to add more elements to their attire, like under-sleeves that came with frills and pleats. A trend that came and went throughout history, bell sleeves became more popular in the 1970s.


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