Nappily Ever After – Empowering 🌺


They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Your hair symbolizes feminity, health,  personality and can tell people a lot about you.

Besides, our hair is the crown we never take women do so much to make sure their hair is perfectly presented and groomed. Sometimes we are a bit too obsessed with having the perfect hair!

I’ve known women who won’t step out of their home without ironing their hair or spending a fortune on blow drys.. women often neglect the health of their hair but are more obsessed with grooming it and this causes further damage to their hair, its time we change and let our hair breathe or not be too obsessed with it.

The reason I’m blogging about hair today, I was asked to watch the movie “Nappily Ever After” which is an empowering movie about a woman’s journey of self-empowerment and self-acceptance. A must watch for all women who are super obsessed with their hair!


The movie sends an impactful message of how women see themselves past Eurocentric ideals around beauty and what that is supposed to look like. Violet finds that
stepping outside of the confines of her mother’s expectations and her boyfriend’s lack of affection for her — is what she needed all along. She is a woman that deserves
more in life, Violet makes bold changes in her life which change the course of her journey forever.

I’ve always blow dried my hair when its an important event but I try my best unless its a special occasion to let my hair down and leave it as it is, even though my hair is curly n wavy and has a mind of its own. Many times I’m told that my natural curls suit me it adds character to my personality. So these days I try my best to be casual unless required, and its helped me a lot and helped maintain my hair, I think most of us need to change and relax we are all humans and its time we show the human side of us and let our hair breathe! Don’t be embarrassed if your hair’s frizzy, wavy or curly it adds to your natural beauty!

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