Hot Pink Flounce Top ๐ŸŽ€

Flower Power Co. at 40% off

Pink has always been my favorite color and the symbolic color for girls everywhere. While I secretly may have not outgrown my craze for Barbie dolls, there will always be a soft spot for the color pink in me no matter what shade of pink it may be! this summer Hot Pink is trending and its all about embracing fun, feeling girls and above all feeling pretty!

I found the perfect hot pink top giving me the Reese Witherspoon “Legally Blonde” vibes at Shein! what I’m loving most are the layered Flounce sleeves! they not only give a luxury vibe to a top but it can be worn to any occasion making you feel like a complete princess!

You can purchase this from their websiteย here

Pink Layered Flounce Topย โ€“ย Search ID: 554211

You can now avail 20% discount off based on original price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

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