Elegance with Talabaya Design 💖

Traveling in London

During the Modest Fashion Week in Dubai, I remember how a fashion brand Talabaya Design was introduced and was a highlight of the show, created by Czech fashion designer Mirka Talavaskova who is well known for her sophisticated taste in Modest Fashion.

Her Clothing line represents class, elegance, and sophistication, that’s what made me a big fan of her collection, her collection is widely well known and her collection is now also available at Harvey Nichols Riyadh!

TALABAYA makes its first appearance as a new brand at the Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane in Dubai in March/April 2018. TALABAYA the First is a collection of dresses that combine the European and Middle Eastern fashion, resulting in a timeless elegant marriage between the luxurious materials and elegance of the Arabian women with the European minimalist style.

About the Designer

Mirka grew up in a creative environment since her childhood. Graduating from the Fashion Design at the renowned Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague, she gained priceless experience at École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré and at Atelier du Sartel in Paris. This working experience in the European fashion capital elevated Mirka’s creations to the international fashion stage. She has earned positive appraisal, namely in the form of several awards, including Top Style Designer, and was nominated for the Czech Grand Design award. Mirka forms part of the new generation of fashion designers in the Czech Republic while running her own creative studio with tailor-made fashion designs in Prague.

Mirka’s trademark is to create each piece of clothing that allows its owner to combine it with their own wardrobe including all kinds of accessories – shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Her aim is to give women the freedom to take creative decisions that emphasize the client’s personality, with an assurance of high-quality finishing and materials.

The shirt dress from Talabaya is of high quality, Though I was wearing black and was outdoors I didn’t feel the heat as much, the material viscose was very comfortable, making it suitable for any occasion, you could wear it for a formal occasion or dress down casual which makes it such a versatile piece! When the chiffon ribbon is tied up on the collars your definitely getting #girlboss and executive vibes with this top! makes it ideal for meetings & interviews!

Talabaya philosophy
The marriage of the European and Middle Eastern fashion Talabaya represents a marriage of the European and Middle Eastern fashion. The name combines part of Mirka’s surname with “abaya”, a luxurious but modest fashion garment that has recently charmed the fashion industry globally. Talabaya collections combine sleek elegance and luxury materials with due attention to details. Mirka‘s motto is to create a unique piece of clothing that allows its owner to combine it with her own wardrobe and various accessories – shoes, handbags, ribbons, and jewelry.

Talabaya’s goal is to give a woman the freedom to be creative and to highlight her personality.

I find this brand just right for a working woman or anyone in general who has the taste for sophistication and minimalism, a versatile outfit that could be perfect for a formal occasion or even perfect for traveling, its just so refreshing to see how brands from around the world are understanding the concept of modest fashion, where even non-hijabis are able to wear these outfits with such comfort yet stay fashionable.

To place your orders check out www.talabayadesign.com and email the designer directly on mirka@talabayadesign.com


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