Street Style with SHEIN ๐Ÿงข

train hard

Watching the recent Copenhagen Fashion Forward show gave me so much inspiration and full of creative possibilities! From the Fashion Week’s best-dressed street style stars for some transitional dressing inspiration. Street style has become such a highlight just as the runway shows, the way fashion can be captured creatively and artistically!

Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers. Gaining inspiration from:

  • Hippies (denim, bohemian style, long hair, flower power
  • Punk fashion (ripped clothing, safety pins, bondage, leather, 90s Inspiration)
  • Preppy (argyle sweaters,, button-down Oxford cloth shirts, and boat shoes).
  • Hip-hop fashion (ultra-baggy pants, or a mix of sporty outfits)

Keeping this in mind, I wanted to do a Streetstyle inspired lookbook, a mix of 90’s look, classy and sporty chic!

Street Style Sporty Chic

You can purchase this from their website here

Striped Drawstring Waist Jeans – Search ID: 456589

Bishop Sleeve Solid Blouse – Search ID: 512253

Striped Detail Lace Up Sneakers – Search ID: 367506

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Street Style 90’s Hip Hop look

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