My Summer Mac Favourites! πŸ’„

My Summer MacFavourites

A quick review of my Mac Summer favorites! These are my current Mac basics I’m loving!
1. Mac Prep + Prime (Fix + Matte) Vaporisateur

A lightweight mattifying spray that refreshes your skin while instantly controlling the shine and oil on the surface without disturbing the makeup. This innovative formula contains powder, silica and other oil-absorbing agents to help set the makeup, rebalance and mattify your skin.
What I love about this?
I tend to suffer from an oily t-zone, especially after an hour of makeup I can see my skin getting oily and shiny.. ever since I’ve been introduced to this spray, there’s no looking back! I no longer have an oily t-zone no matter how long after my makeup. This is my ultimate summer must have!!
2. Studio Fix Fluid (SPF 15) in shade A56
An oil-controlling formula that offers a matte finish with medium to full coverage.
This formula lasts for 24 hours! This foundation combines a matte finish medium to full buildable coverage! Helps to minimize pores and skin imperfections giving the skin a more flawless look.
What I love about this?
Mac has been my first foundation since my teens! And what is best about this brand is they have shades catering to every skin tone! though there’s a lot of new brands coming up with shades for everyone, Mac has always been the best brand, especially for colored women. Due to my hormonal issues, I have an acne prone skin. And whats great about this foundation is to help you manage what kind of coverage you would require.
There are days I would need a medium coverage, then there are days I need full coverage, all I can say is this foundation gives me the flexibility and don’t require to buy separate foundations and whats even great is this foundation is SPF 15, great for summer use!
3. Studio Finish Concealer (NC42)
A highly concentrated creamy concealer that provides opaque coverage and protection.
The concealer offers a smooth, long-wearing invisible correction for all skin problems such as blemishes, discolorations with a natural finish. This formula is highly concentrated that a small amount can conceal and correct a number of imperfections.
This is an antioxidant concealer helps to absorb excess oil while providing your skin with the goodness of Vitamin A and E.
What I love about this?
This is a classic must-have concealer for your vanity collection! A life saver if I must say. Perfectly hides away discolorations, acne scars and glides smoothly onto your skin with SPF 35 making this perfect for summer!
4. Liptensity Lipstick (Toast and Butter)
A brilliant formula with enhanced amounts of pigment, resulting in extreme color intensity, clarity and vibrancy. This luxurious gelled
base melts on contact, providing a fully saturated color with a satin finish in just one stroke!
What I love about this?
I’m in love with this shade, it’s just perfect for summer! a great lipstick for dark lips where the color is highly visible on your lips and extra soft of your lips providing a satin finish! (Love how Mac comes up with yummy names!) a perfect shade for this summer!

90’s inspired look using the MAC (Toast & Butter) lipstick

5. Conceal and Correct DUO (Pure Orange/Ochre)

A professional duo of two complimentary corrector shades for customized skincare
correction. You can create your ideal skin tone in pairs of blendable shades.
Fortified with Shea Butter and Vitamins E and C, the correcting formula evens skin tone
and visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles for 8 hours!
What I love about this?
The convenience of having a concealer and corrector in one, this is perfect for traveling rather than carrying your corrector palette with you. And I also love how this product makes it easy to conceal and correct flawlessly.
6. Creme d’Nude Fragrance (Sample)
A lush new fragrance capturing the personality of cult-favorite lipsticks in Creme D’Nude which is with notes of Amber, Musk, and caramel inspired by the naked skin!
What I love about this?
Love the light vanilla note to this, ideal to wear anytime any occasion. A fresh and light summery scent!20180731_122027


Though concealers and foundations claim to have full coverage, you must know there are techniques in achieving this, and at times by just using one product won’t help. Do speak to a MAC specialist or beautician to help you choose the right product for your skin and ask for a demo or a quick tutorial.

Also please remember, no one has flawless skin, not even celebrities. You can’t magically get ride of acne scars, but by using these products you can atleast help conceal them flawlessly.

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