Cami Dress Styling with SHEIN ๐Ÿ‘—

traveling on a student budget

Ever heard of a cami dress? For those of you who donโ€™t already know what the cami dress is, it is basically a dress that has the upper part looks exactly like a camisole. In other words, it is a v neck or even deep v neck dress with spaghetti straps. It is a very interesting type of dress that you can either wear it casually with a t-shirt under it or styled with a denim jacket. Either way, the Cami dress is very comfortable for summer and ideal for traveling! A no-fuss dress!

The other day I decided to be a tourist in my own city and decided to go for a casual fun no-fuss look. As you all are aware by now how much of a SHEIN girl I am. I found this lovely black cami dress on their site, what I loved so much was the fact that it had hidden pockets!

Now the pockets are so useful! you may wonder why?? From keeping emergency tissues to lipgloss or some loose change. It’s just the perfect dress for the go!

Now I styled this dress with a denim jacket, but the styling of this cami dress is limitless. You can add a leather jacket, style it with a t-shirt on top, or a t-shirt inside this adds a fun and youthful look to the dress.

You can purchase this from their website here
Search ID: 466589

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Have you tried styling a cami dress? what do you prefer styling the dress with? comment below and share with us your styling tips!

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