Summer Cool Style with eLabelz 🕶️

Sup,beach bod_

The summer heat is hitting big time in Dubai! with the temperatures soaring you cant even think of getting all decked up to go outside! instead, you’d rather be lazing around at home chilling with your comfy PJs and binge-watching Netflix!

The only outfits that would make it tolerable outside would be something breathable, loose-fitting, modest and comfy!

Hubby insisted we go out for some beach fun and for a good stroll. What was he thinking?? lol anyways to make it bearable and not neglect a supposedly nice summery time, I came across a very comfy white ruffled top at elabelz just perfect, breathable and fits just right for a baggy & hippy look! That paired with my favorite hat was the perfect summery beach vibe!


To accessorize the top I paired with an elegant and chic pearl and gold necklace from Puella which I ordered through elabelz this gave my plain top a touch of glam! pearls seemed just right for the beach! don’t you think?


Since I knew there would be a lot of walking around, I’m not too comfortable to walk in flipflops for long, its the way my feet is structured I guess… it’s easier to walk in Skechers or flat shoes. And the perfect pair which I am currently obsessed with is the Lacoste golden slipons! perfectly fitting casual shoes! these dull gold slipons glammed up my plain jeans!


When you’re wearing a plain white outfit, it’s just like a plain canvas you can add any accessories to glam up your look and this works best when pairing up your casual outfit with classy and elegant accessories, just like how I paired the pearl and gold necklace along with the gold Lacoste slipons!

Now to finish the look with, I found this adorable pink tote bag that just screams summer love!! its the perfect tote for the beach or even your casual outings, a bright pink tote giving you cotton candy vibes! I feel the outfit came together in a fun kinda way
just perfect for a summer stroll by the beach!


P.S – Hubby seems to love how I paired my outfit and I guess its mostly to do with the less whining and bribing me with ice cream! LOL :))


Happy Summering!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, these products were given to me complimentary inexchange for a review.

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