No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum ๐Ÿ‘ฉ

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The thought of botox or injectibles ever crossed your mind? Well, don’t bother. A new miracle serum has been introduced by No7 might just be what you need! No7 Line correcting serum is the new non-invasive wrinkle solution!

Whether you’re 35 and just beginning to see the first signs of aging, or 50 plus with skin that makes it hard to keep your age a secret, then considering ways or treatments to reduce wrinkles is probably on your agenda.

No7 uses only the most cutting-edge technology and ingredients and has the clinical data to back up every last claim, it’s quality skincare indeed.



Unlike your favorite do-it-all cream, the No7 Laboratories products “single-mindedly target very specific skin concerns that transform the skin very quickly,” explains
Mike Bell, Ph.D., No7’s skincare scientific advisor.

The first skin concern in its sights? Fine lines, and it’s found a pretty powerful solution in the form of No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum Just like how fine and thin the lines of wrinkles are set down on the face, the serum has a super-tiny nib that allows precise application so you don’t have to waste precious product on areas that don’t require any assistance. But honestly, it’s inside the tube where all the magic lies.



It contains Matrixyl 3000 Plus, which is basically a blend of peptides that helps rebuild the skin starts and helps maintain the elastic fibrillin, the substance that gives skin its bounce and agility.

This serum being their most concentrated line correcting serum. It has specifically been designed to be applied to lines and wrinkles to deliver fast results and specifically
visible results where you want them the most.

The product is in form of an injectable pump. You press the pump twice and a little tiny drop is more than enough product required.


This product can be pumped into

  • Foundation
  • Sun Protection Cream
  • Moisturiser or skincare.
  • Eye Creams

* Suitable for Sensitive Skin

This product once pumped into these products help boost the serum and quickly starts to work on your wrinkles and lines, supercharging them with line smoothing
Proven Efficacy on 6 targeted areas
1. Forehead
2. Crows Feet
3. Lip
4. Between Brows
5. Under Eyes
6. Nasolabial Folds (Laugh Lines)

Now I put the product to test, and here’s what I experienced.

Day 1

Efficient nib tip makes it very easy to apply accurately onto your lines, you can see a difference and notice the
serum working its magic. Easy to apply around your eyes as well. I pumped this serum into my eye cream and gently dabbed across my eyes
this helped hydrate and leave a smooth feeling
Week 1

I can see a visible reduction in the appearance of lines, I can notice them fading especially around my laughing line. (on the edges on my mouth)
The area around my eyes seems smoother and firmer as well. Loving the results!! my affected skin area seems more radiant now!
Week 2

Big difference in my targeted areas, a big visible improvement on my eyebags and lines under eyes (Due to lack of sleep) the skin around my eyes
are much smoother and firmer now, giving a more radiant and fresh look to my face!

The Brand No7 The trials on this product proved the serum has the ability to reduce the look of fine lines by five years after just 12 weeks of use. But more than just scientific data, the brand wanted to find out the more intuitive reactions of women using it.


They asked both women who were considering Botox and those who had already taken the plunge to test the serum out: 73% of those considering Botox said they would be less likely to opt for the procedure after having seen what results the serum could provide after two months of use. And for those who had already experienced the line-ironing power of the needle, again, 73% said they’d delay their next treatment in favor of the skincare approach.

Of course, the decision to opt for injectables is yours and yours alone, but perhaps this could be the cheaper, less invasive option to try first.

Always a safer option than getting injected!

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