Summer Chic Casuals with Shein 🌞


Yeah, another Shein Summer Special I’d like to feature here. This time I was lucky to get Shein to dress me up for Eid as well! that’s right for Eid! I’m usually a late shopper when it comes to Eid, I especially end up buying a Kameez or Kurti such as long tops which I can pair with capri pants or jeans. Since Eid usually falls during Summer I always opt for a top which is breathable and comfy!

I was browsing through Shein website, (Which has become an obsession lately..) and came across this perfect summer dress while deciding how I could style the dress in a modest fashion way, I realized how elegant it would look as a kurti for Eid. (They say Fashion is all about creativity right? why not turn a dress into a kurti?) I was looking for a cotton and simple yet chic top, not overly worked and this dress was perfect! I love how denim and lace make the dress so chic yet simple and classy.

Good News for my readers and social media followers!

You can now avail 20% discount off based on original price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

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Lace Trim Self Belted Dress

You can purchase this from their website here
Search ID: 463206

Blush pinks are always in fashion, the perfect shade to pair with. A shade that blends well with any color given. The color is definitely not just for the cheeks, blush is such a sophisticated, warm and elegant pink that it is a shade I actually enjoy looking at. Additionally, like blush makeup, there are lots of different blush tones out there,
from whisper soft ones to richer, more saturated hues.

Keeping a keen interest for Blush in mind, I came across a very modest yet chic blush top. Whats cute about this top is the little bow details.
Blush and Bows definitely make a chic summer.

Blush Bow Detail Tiered Frill Sleeve Top


You can purchase this from their website here
Search ID: 405461

Getting the perfect Tees for summer can be a mission especially for chubby girls, Yeah you get the cute tees with quotes and little cartoons or cute pictures, but I always
wanted to find the perfect sophisticated Tee that’s comfortable yet elegant.

Check out the Cut And Sew Ringer Tee, love the patchwork style and the color combination. Vibrant, classy and comfy!

Cut And Sew Ringer Tee



You can purchase this from their website here
Search ID: 472155
Check out their site for awesome summer collections!

Use my coupon code – saras20 Using the coupon code link here


Disclaimer – This is not a paid post, the discount codes given here are a gift from Shein for my followers and readers.

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