Glamming up with Shein for World Fashion Festival.👗

glamming up with

So as most of you must be aware by now that I’ve been selected as a media partner for the “World Fashion Festival”! words can describe how ecstatic I feel and above all

That been said the moment I got notified about this selection the first thing that struck me was “what am I going to wear?” that’s a usual question for any event for me but the
World Fashion Festival was a big deal! hosted at the Palazzo Versace Hotel I had to make sure that I looked good!

Now as you all know I’m not a size zero gal, I knew for sure I had to get a gown, it should fit right and not make me look like stumpy! Unlike other girls I just don’t have the patience for shopping, I usually stick to places I know where my size is available and get my stuff. But for a big occasion like this to get a gown at short notice and to fit my budget was a concern.

I’ve tried many places, either what I wanted didn’t have my size, were too loose for me or either was too pricey! it wasn’t worth paying the price as these gowns would be worn only for this event.

Anyways to cut the story short, I wasn’t able to get what I wanted at short notice.

Then comes Shein! this online budget-friendly site was the answer to my problem! they not only had an amazing and budget-friendly collection but they also had
outfits for anyone! and any size! that was such a relief! Since this was my first time ordering a gown online I had to make sure I was been careful with the size.

The website indicates cms instead of inches, had to get hubby to measure me up, covert and used their chart as a guideline! which was easy!

The 2 outfits that I selected were:


1. High Waist Lace Overlay Wrap Dress
This was such a glam looking dress, giving me red carpet vibes! the lace and the chiffon added such a feminine touch to the outfit and was very flowy and comfortable. Since I had a lot of moving around to do interviewing fashion designers, It was crucial to have my dress as comfortable as possible yet look glamorous, and I think this outfit nailed it for me.

To purchase this outfit click here


2. Two Tone Sequin Mesh Dress
This was a perfectly elegant dress loved the sequins details on the dress a perfect balance of simplicity and shimmer! The gown was very comfortable and was easy to move around despite the heavy work of sequins.

To purchase this outfit click here

When I ordered these products I received them within a week and neatly packed in a clear casing. The fitting was perfect, though for the sequin dress I had to get it slightly
altered towards my arm, but this wasn’t a big deal since I had a tailor across the road!

What I loved about Shein is how they promote body positivity enabling women of any size to be able to select an outfit and feel glamorous and comfortable!

Check out their site for more collections! they also have awesome casual clothing and gorgeous dresses.

Click here to view their selections, they also have an amazing sale going on with 85% discount!! don’t miss it!

Thank you Shein! Loved the outfits.

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