ÉLÉVATIONE Cosmetics Review 💄


I was recently introduced to a new luxury skincare and beauty line called the “ÉLÉVATIONE”. This luxury boutique brand specializes in all kinds of skin treatments
especially Anti-Aging! All their products are infused with unique natural ingredients that help maintain the skin as well as help decrease signs of aging!

Have any of you seen this painting below?


this was a painting by Salvador Dali called the “Persistence of Memory – 1931” a famous painting of the melting clock, The artist always had a unique concept about time, and to be able to go back in time, refuses to accept that anything that has been done can’t be undone and that youth lost can’t be found.

“ÉLÉVATIONE takes its inspiration from the artist Salvador Dali, His life’s works as a roadmap, his essence an infusion and in his honor have created this brand
and their anti-aging range concept is to stop time and send the clock’s hands ticking backward by helping women worldwide to control their own destiny.


ÉLÉVATIONE Time Stops Professional Art Makeup


Their cosmetics is an artistic and luxury range of high-quality products! Not only are there naturally infused products but the first thing that made me very impressed
was that they had an expiry date for each product! Not sure about you guys but I’ve never come across a beauty product that openly mentions the expiry date, this earned my trust for this range!

The products also are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • No Petrolatum
  • No Mineral Oils


Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation (C!B – Matte)

I had to start off to review this product first because I’m in love with this product! I have never ever been so satisfied with any foundations, including all the commercially popular products from Sephora! But this beats all that!

This innovative 2-in-1 liquid foundation with added primer creates a naturally flawless complexion. Active ingredients offer powerful hydrating elements to achieve a smoother base and gradually help improve the look of skin texture. What more can a girl ask for?!

Enriched with PRODIZIA – an innovative patented technology that is based on an extract from Persian silk tree. PRODIZIA promotes a visible reduction in the signs of fatigue (dark circles, under eye bags, dull complexion, drawn features) by protecting and repairing the skin from the damage caused by glycation.

This is not just a foundation but a treatment to your skin as well, Once applied to your skin the appearance is flawless!

The foundation has seven shades to choose from, my shade was (C!B – Matte)


I believe foundations shouldn’t only be about coverage but it’s also important to have the foundation work as a treatment as well now that’s full worth
for your money spent!


Marveil Loose Powder (Dark Beige)

One of the best loose powders I’ve come across, rather than using the white loose powders that end up looking white on your skin (especially if your brown-skinned like me) can be a hassle to blend.

I used the tinted dark beige which was a perfect match for my skin, which perfectly blended on my foundation. This professional makeup artists’ Marveil fixing powder provides a sheer unified finish and a marvelous matte final touch-up. An ideal sealing veil for your foundation or moisturizer. Comes in 3 shades (Medium Beige, Dark Beige, Clear-medium Beige)


Shimmer Natural Glow Blush (Brown Dusty Pink)

This powdery Natural Glow solo blush provides a natural looking finish, emphasizing the cheekbones, giving a vital appearance to the face.
Comes in 5 shades


4 Colors Drop Eyeshadow Palette (Golden Sunset)

These lush, finely-milled shadows apply like a breeze and are oh-so-blendable. They are highly pigmented and flattering to the eyes. You can create a smart look for day and glamour look for night with this soft silky textured palette of colors.


Lipsticks (Dusty Red & Spicy Red)

As most of you know I’m a big fan of the red lipstick, for most of my events, movie premieres or fashion events you will mostly see me wearing a red lipstick.
when choosing lipstick shades from ÉLÉVATIONE, there had a beautiful range of shades, but since this was an overseas order, I decided to stick to shades of reds.
One if a lighter dusty red more of a dusty mauve shade, while the other is a nice vibrant red! Just perfect for my events!

These lipsticks are enriched with natural oil, our lipstick softens and hydrates the lips, while giving a silky, luxurious look.

Accent Eye Pencil

This is an intense black eye pencil perfect for accurate shaping of the inner and outer rim of the eye, perfect for the glam eye makeup!
whether your going for a soft smokey look or an intense kohl look this pencil is perfect for both! Comes in 4 shades.

My verdict on these products:

Makeup is the art of expressing your inner beauty. ÉLÉVATIONE Time Stops Professional Art Makeup is inspired by the leading Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

From the quality products to the special ingredients makes this brand unique, the main concept of anti-aging is infused into most of their products making it an ideal cosmetic range for 25+, most of the cosmetics that are commercially available do a lot of damage to the skin leading to early signs of aging.

ÉLÉVATIONE is a hidden gem that is much more than makeup it also works on your skin treating and healing.

As you can see from the above review, I have high regard for the ÉLÉVATIONE cosmetic range. From the innovation of the product to the ingredients, texture and high product
quality, though you may feel the products pricey, it’s most definitely an investment.

There is no doubt that once you use these products you would definitely not want to settle for anything less.

To check these products out visit their website.

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