25th Anniversary – Zulekha Hospital 💝

Dear Dad, can I just say...
As one of the UAE’s top healthcare providers, it’s no surprise that Zulekha Hospital is a leader in delivering quality healthcare for everyone in Dubai and Sharjah.

Its been 12 years since I’ve been visiting Zulekha Hospital for most of my medical concerns, Zulekha Hospital is a medical institution I trust, from their general Doctors, specialists, and one of the best Gynecologists in Dubai!

Zulekha Hospital is a trusted medical institution for a lot of expatriates in Dubai and Sharjah, their impeccable customer service with their professional staffs and state of the art systems, they just push it one step further to make things easier for us.

Today 11th November, Zulekha Hospital is celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and to mark their occasion I would like to give you a glimpse of their history.

Zulekha Hospital Vision

“To be the most efficient, competent and courteous providers of comprehensive healthcare in the world.”


Dr. Zulekha Daud

Dr. Zulekha Daud is the first recognized Indian woman
medical professional and senior most lady entrepreneur
in UAE who has worked tirelessly towards the welfare of
Emiratis and expats when healthcare access was very
limited in the 60’s. In the past 5 decades, she has
revolutionized the healthcare landscape and inspired
others to follow suit. Today, Zulekha Healthcare Group
boasts of super-specialty hospitals, medical centers,
educational institutes and pharmacies in UAE & India.

Zanubia Shams                                   Taher Shams
Co-Chairperson                               Managing Director


breast cancer
‘Pink It Now’ is a breast cancer awareness campaign launched by Zulekha Healthcare Group supported by Ford – Warriors in Pink and Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) and many other corporates. The campaign is targeted at women across UAE and India with the core message of’ “Education, Early Detection” to fight breast cancer.

You can do a free checkup which focuses on the core of the campaign- ‘early detection’. where you can book a free checkup and avail mammogram test for free.

To find a Doctor and book an appointment click here.


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