Fashion Forward Dubai Event 2017 😎


I was quite excited receiving the invite for this awesome event, having the experience of visiting fashion forward Dubai last year, was a great insight to the fashion world. Fashion Forward Dubai is a great fashion platform for Dubai and the MiddleEast, providing development, exposure and a great direction for the regional fashion industry.

Reaching Dubai Design district and heading to the registration counter to collect my blogger pass what I realized compared to last year the weather was definitely in my favor jot over sunny but a little.cloudy and chilled weather good enough to save my makeup from melting lol.

My fashion-forward blogger pass!

As I collected my guide and browsed through the schedule and map to locate the loreal stall as I had a prebooked 4 pm appointment for my hair and nails plus a photoshoot with the bedashing salon professionals.

As I rushed through and reached the stall I had 2 lovely ladies receiving and welcoming me and guided me to get my nails done by Essie nail professionals.

Great colors to select from!

Once the nails were done I then got to the hair, a bedashing hair expert will consult and decide what look would be suitable. I was lucky she tried to give me Victoria’s Secret look!

Once the hair was complete, I was asked to wait for my turn for the photoshoot courtesy Loreal!

It was an amazing experience watching how each one got their professional shoot each one having their moment of fame, surrounded by lights and photographers.

When it was my turn, the professional female photographer suggested a few suitable poses and v were ready to shoot! After selecting my pictures they were then sent directly to my email.

As the final part was over, I received a good bag from Essie and a gift voucher from the bedashing salon! Such an amazing feeling definitely a supermodel treatment!

The bedashing salon will be opening soon in mirdiff, dont forget to check them out!

As I walked out, ai browsed through my guide to see what was the next show, at hall 2 Arwa Al Banawi was having a runway and presentation. I walked straight through and noticed a crowd gathering and waiting to enter. Once the securities let the media and bloggers enter I entered into a big white spaced hall where I could see Arwa Al Banwais logo right in front.

I was asked to line up with rest while the line was packed with media professionals from journalists to photographers and bloggers.

The show kick-started with a jazz singer and then the model’s cat walked their way through displaying Arwas spring collection.

This season Arwas collection sported a light, floral, flowy and casual look, the fabrics were breathable and flowy with floral prints to minimalistic look.

Taking pictures of the models among all the crowd was chaotic but made sure I managed to take a few snaps for my Instagram and blog 😊

Right after the show as I walked out, I noticed a section of the ladies getting busy posing for shoots with their photographers and a few walking towards getting some refreshments. I decided to get something to drink while walking straight I noticed a big bright Mercedes jeep been parked in a corner for photoshoots, and obviously got mine done!

The final shot! Loved their work!

Right after the shoot, I walked and browsed through all the stalls ranging from jewelry to handbags and accessories.


My favorite!

And then headed for some refreshments and chilled with some pretty awesome music by a female DJ! Love seeing females rocking in a male dominated profession!


After an amazing evening discovering amazing talents and admiring their creative work. One can only imagine how big the fashion industry plays a crucial role in our daily lives, theirs’s always a hint of fashion in all of us whether its college, work or special occasion we all want to be current with the fashion trends and what better way than attending an event that covers the latest local and regional trends!

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