Makeup by Sarah : Winter Romance 💖


With the weather getting cold and rainy, the colors  I’m currently feeling are all berries and plums. I was going through my vanity case and noticed the lovely shades I had, and thought its time for a makeup tutorial, it been a while since I did my last makeup tutorial, to be honest, I’m quite lazy to put on all my makeup and then end up taking all that off, it’s just too much effort. Lol

Anyways since I’m in a berry mood, let’s get started for this winter look.

Before you start, make sure you wash your face and remove any trace of makeup, apply a moisturizer and an eye cream to prevent any dryness.

Step 1. Apply Primer, I used Guerlain L’or gold, this helps set the skin for makeup.

Step 2. Apply concealer under the eyes, I used milk makeup coverage duo ‘Tan’.

Step 3. Cover up all my blemish marks (yes I tend to break out and have marks) with mac conceal and correct duo ‘pure orange’

Step 4. Dab foundation onto my brush, I used Nars (Med/Dark3)

Step 5. Brush the foundation well, blending to your skin and making sure you have full coverage.

Step 6. Now time for eyeshadow, I used Too faced, semi-sweet chocolate bar

– Apply shade butter pecan from lash line to brow

– Blend shade nougat into crease

– Line and smoke upper and lower lash with shade Cocoa Chilli

– Line the upper lid with Anastasia brown gel eyeliner

– Curl Lashes and apply Gosh Provocateur mascara

Step 7.  Shape and brush your brows with Benefit ‘Goof Proof’ brow pencil.

Step 8. Brush compact powder on the whole face till matte

Step 9. Apply vaseline or any lip balm and moisturize your lips

Step 10.  Apply Mac lip liner ‘Soar’, and for my lips, I used 2 shades of Dose Lip colors (Saint &Truffle) to achieve the berry-like look.

Step 11. I used Anastasia Glow Kit to highlight and contour my face.



This look is very suitable for this weather, a very soft yet romantic look. Let me know what you think.




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