Statement Necklaces πŸ’«

Statement necklaces have been in hot trend and are an instant way to glam up your boring or dull clothes, you could go from casual clothes to the next level!

My personal favorite is to pair them with a plain cotton t-shirt and jeans with a jacket, this gives a formal yet a glam look.

A statement necklace is an easy way to dress up something simple and can be worn in many different ways!. They can also be used to revamp an old outfit,  It is best worn on a  simple attire, as the necklace won’t overshadow your dress. Always invest in a few statement necklaces as an emergency pick me up for your outfits!

There are many designs and collections available to choose from and this could be considerably confusing deciding to choose and moreover how to wear them for accordingly.

Here’s a necklace guide I found online that can guide you on how a statement necklace should be worn.

Here are a few combinations that go well together! 😊


Printed Dress + Monochromatic


Plain Top + Multicolor


Casual Top + Eclectic

Elegant + Fun


Hope you find this post useful! Let me know which of these outfit combos you liked? Do you like wearing statement necklaces? let me know and let us know if you have any other statement necklace tips!

Thank you for reading!



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